Lee Gates: Touring with Lucy $12.00

"Lee Gates has Mississippi Mud running through his veins. He also has Blues genes, since he’s a first cousin to Albert Collins. If Lee isn’t a true-blue, Mississippi Delta Bluesman, then nobody can carry that moniker." -Lou Novacheck, Blogcritics

Music Touring with Lucy is Lee Gates' third release with Music Maker. As shown in Black Lucy's Deuce & the Alabama Cotton Kings, his previous albums, Lee is a true electric-blues guitar master. Touring with Lucy is a good-time album that was chosen as the September Givin' it Back Record Club pick. This album highlights Lee's prolific and original music that is sure to put a smile on your face.

"The Lucy in the CD title is Lee’s guitar, and Touring With Lucy is Lee’s third CD with Music Maker, which is based in North Carolina. Touring With Lucy has nine tracks totaling 54 minutes and change. It starts out with up-tempo blues shuffle, “Meet You on the Other Side of Town.” His second selection, “I Can Hear Blues in My Head,” is a similar tempo with a long instrumental lead-in. “I’m Leaving You Woman” follows in an easygoing, slow blues with a familiar theme, and also with a lengthy instrumental lead-in. The tempo picks up little in the next cut, then slows down in the fifth track, a long, loping instrumental moan, six-and-a-half minutes. The pace picks up when Lee gets on “Highway 94,” a Chicago-style blues, which is appropriate since Highway 94 leads to Chicago." (Novacheck)

Track Listing
1 Meet You on the Other Side of Town
2 I Can Hear Blues in my Head
3 I'm Leaving You Woman
4 Slipping and Sliding Down the Street
5 Guitar Moaning the Blues
6 I'm Going Down Highway 94
7 Why Don't These young People Understand
8 Wonder Why Black Lucy has the Blues
9 My Baby Wont Stay Home

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