Flemons, Dom : American Songster $12.00

"Dom Flemons is a true virtuoso. A musician that is equally adept at singing, playing, and the craft of songwriting, Flemons enjoys testing his skills on a variety of musical instruments in a variety of musical genres." -Full Time Blues

American Songster is the second solo album that Dom Flemons, Carolina Chocolate Drops member, has produced with Music Maker. This album features a mix of songs, forged in Dom's own style, that have inspired him over the years.

Dom presents a creative and unique perspective on original songs by artists including Joe Thompson, Leadbelly & Henry Thomas. His mastery of the banjo, harp, fife, bass drum, quills and even bones, is presented in this album that puts an exciting twist on American roots music.

Track Listing
1 Bye Bye Policeman
2 That's It
3 Oh My Baby Blues
4 Arkansas
5 Ol' Cindy Gal
6 Yonder Comes the Blues
7 I'm Sorry Mama
8 Po' Black Sheep/Gwine Dig a Hole
9 Run Them Shoes Down, Sally
10 There's a Brown Skinned Girl Down the Road Somewhere
11 John Henry
12 Little Sally Walker
13 Quills
14 The Highwayman
15 Coda:Liza Jane

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