Big Ron Hunter: The Great Unknown $12.00

"Ron Hunter owns a voice that gives people chills. It's the kind of voice that carries warmth and tenderness, a voice that is unmistakably his own and embodies everything that's raw, pure and beautiful about the blues." -Carla Kucinski, GoTriad Editor

In this album, Hunter's light-toned mewl seems to straddle the line between his natural upper range and an effortless falsetto (think of a pop-style Skip James minus the existential terror), and his lyrics manage to be both deeply personal and universally themed. On the McCartney-esque "Play Your Cards Right" he intersperses feel-good bromides (“spread love all in my heart/ ‘til it’s time to part”) with vivid reminiscences of a downhome childhood. "Not Gonna Stress Myself" and "Through My Eyes" (the latter featuring pianist Dave Keys laying down patters that would sound appropriate on an early-era Billy Joel outing) find him offering unpretentious, almost ingenuous-sounding life lessons, sounding more like a youthful new-folk troubadour than a 55-plus-year-old self-styled bluesman. -David Whiteis, Living Blues

The Great Unknown proves Hunter's mastery of the blues and folk niches. He is a fierce guitar player and a soulful bluesman. Please check out Hunter's first Music Maker Release.

Track Listing
1 Going for Myself
2 Hard times
3 Know the truth
4 I Can Make You Feel Like Running
5 Singing the Blues
6 Not Going to Stress Myself
7 Play Your Cards Right
8 Hey lady
9 Keep on Talking Baby
10 How Lucky Can One Man Be
11 Make that Guitar Talk
12 Through My Eyes

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