John Dee Holeman: Bull Durham Blues $12.00

John Dee possesses an expressive blues voice and is a wonderful guitarist incorporating both Piedmont and Texas guitar styles." -Tim Duffy, MMRF President

Piedmont bluesman John Dee Holeman mixes a little Texas into his North Carolina guitar approach, even covering Lightnin' Hopkins' "Give Me Back My Wig" as the first track of Bull Durham Blues, his debut album. Holeman isn't as irascible as Hopkins, with a gentle vocal approach that's closer to Mississippi John Hurt in demeanor, and his guitar playing isn't as distinctive as either Hopkins or Hurt, but he gets the job done with a good deal of charm.

On songs like the easy, relaxed "Crow Jane" (a wonderful example of how to use the floating verses that are in every good bluesman's tool kit), the gentle "Little Country Gal," and the slightly paranoid "Stranger Blues," Holeman conjures up a timeless, back porch feel without getting too generic about it. The half-spoken, half-rapped "Hambone" is a clear highlight, with Holeman doing the hambone with a buckdancer's grace. Recorded in 1998 in Pinnacle, N.C., Bull Durham features Taj Mahal on several tracks helping out on bass, guitar, piano and the hambone, too. -Itunes Album Reviews

Track Listing
1 Give Me Back My Wig
2 Step It Up and Go
3 Little Country Gal
4 Sweet Home Chicago
5 Hello Central
6 Early Morning Blues
7 Crow Jane
8 Mistreated Blues
9 Big Boss Man
10 Stranger Blues
11 Hambone
12 God Loves His Children
13 Chapel Hill Boogie

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