Dr. G.W. Burt: They Call Me Dr. Burt $12.00

"Lead Belly, he was the King of The Twelve-String Guitar so I hope to make a name to be the Boss of the Twelve-String because not many peoples play that out there." -Dr. Burt

Standing at nearly seven feet tall, Dr. G.B. Burt mixes an imposing presence with a gentle voice and an otherworldly guitar sound.

Dr. G.B. Burt mixes covers with his own songs. Even the covers have an original touch because Dr. G. B. Burt does not abide by violence. “Like in Ain’t That Loving You.,” Dr. G. B. lays out his reasoning, “Jimmy Reed would say, ‘He’s gonna shoot that man with a cannonball.’ I never use that because that is violent to me. I say, ‘I’ll crawl, walk if she get back home to you.’ I just change it like that.”

Burt was born in Birmingham, AL. During WWII his family moved to the West Coast where his father went to work in the shipyards. In '47, his family moved back to Alabama and then on to Florida, often migrating to wherever his dad could find work. His mother played the piano and sang gospel music. His father and uncles Arthur and Herbert Burt were both blues guitarists. G.B. took up the guitar and playing the blues when he was in his teens. At 14 he began to box. In '54, he fought in the Golden Gloves tournament and later he trained with Alvin "Blues" Lewis who went on to fight Muhammad Ali. At 30 he married and found work with Ford Motors in Michigan. At 40 he bought a wrecker truck and became an independent mechanic, a job he continues to this day.

Track Listing
1 Ain't That Loving You Baby
2 Colck On the Wall
3 Hey Bo Diddley
4 Come On In This Haouse
5 What Can an Old Man Do?
6 I'm a Man
7 Bottle Up and Go
8 love Without End
9 Skip to My Lou
10 Woman I Love
11 Take This Hammer
12 Where Can I Go?

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