Cootie Stark & Friends: Christmas with Cootie $12.00

Christmas with Cootie will fill your home with a sweet joyous spirit. Cootie is joined by John Dee Holeman, Cool John Ferguson, Macavine Hayes, Whistlin' Britches and Captain Luke in a hilariously uplifting musical Christmas celebration.

"A number of the men and women who are produced by the Music Maker label, no longer have any family, and the studio in Hillsborough, North Carolina where they record and jam, has become their home. So, in 2005 when Cootie turned up for Christmas it was no surprise that the guys in the neighborhood would drop by to wish him well and to celebrate Christmas with their extended family.

It was only natural that they would sing a bunch of songs together, and since they were hanging out in a recording studio, it wasn't that much of a stretch to set up some microphones and flip a couple of switches so they could make a record of the event. What's ended up on CD is a mix of Christmas and gospel music making it sound like you keep moving back and forth between a revival meeting and a family Christmas party.

Although such great singers and players like John Dee Holman, Cool John Ferguson, Macavine Hayes, Whistlin' Britches Thompson, and Captain Luke all showed up for the party, the action is centered around Cootie. With a voice permanently hoarse from singing on the streets in all kinds of weather, and imbibing who knows what over the years, no one is ever going to accuse Cootie of sounding saccharine sweet. But that doesn't prevent him and his friends from singing versions of "Silent Night" that send shivers up your spine because the emotions are so real..." -Richard Marcus, Blogcritics

Track Listing
1 Silent Night
2 Jingle Bells
3 Christmas Time Again
4 Please Come Home for Christmas
5 Merry Christmas Baby
6 Christmas Time
7 Soon Be Over
8 Silent Night
9 Christmas Time
10 Lay My Burden Down
11 You're Going to Need Me Home for Christmas
12 Just a Closer Walk with Thee
13 My Lord Died on the Cross
14 She Stayed by my Bedside
15 Thank You Jesus
16 My Soul is Troubled
17 Come Home for Christmas
18 Let's Have Christmas Together

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