Make a gift today and CELEBRATE our enduring musical heritage

America's culture tells its story through song. The storytellers, pioneers of American roots music, are too often left struggling for life's essentials and shut out of a music industry that has passed them by.

"I had given up, was ready to sit down and fade away. Meeting up with Music Maker has given me hope, a new life, gigs and a musical career again." - Ironing Board Sam

In 2014, Music Maker celebrates our 20th Anniversary - 20 years of helping elderly Roots musicians share their music with the world. We would not have succeeded in our past 20 years without the support of our members, people like you.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we also look to our bright future.
Music Maker is working harder and smarter than ever, helping our artists navigate a changing music industry, finding new and more efficient ways to assist with their life needs and forging new partnerships at home and abroad to present live Roots music to audiences worldwide.  

$25 can help us feed an artist for a month. $100 can provide travel funds to get to a gig. Everything helps - please make your gift today, and help us continue another 20 years of assisting artists and sustaining America's musical culture!

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